Hugo and qmk

With some changes to my life I thought it would be fitting with a new blog. This blog will probably just be static content with the help of Hugo. There is one thing that was hard to find out, how to neatly add images in posts for a blog, adding images easily and not have them take the entire page. But finally I found it. So this post is also to serve as a reminder to myself.

Small python script to rename iOS-graphics to fit in Android

I wrote a small little script when the designers only give me files that are made for iOS with the silly name ending such as @3x.png. According to the scaling guidelines in iOS and Android they should fit pretty nicely without demanding that the designer create new graphics (which they will most likely complain and not do). @3x goes into xxhdpi, @2x goes into xhdpi and @1x goes into mdpi.

It’s available below but also on GitHub gists here:

Decompiling Android applications

It’s always great fun to reverse engineer something. Either if you have a goal or just want to have a look at what other people use. I’ve previously used smali2java with rather good success, but only on smaller projects. And even then there’s a lot of parsing errors. So you end up losing entire (interesting) functions. Besides, it has to run through Wine on my desktop. Recently came across some other tools that makes it even easier.

Sound on highlight weechat when doesnt work

So I use weechat as my main IRC client. It’s awesome and looks lovely with solarized theme. Running on ubuntu 14.04 and using gnome-terminal there is a problem somewhere that doesn’t work. It seems to be some problem in gnome-terminal since the terminal bell isn’t working. I’ve spent countless of hours trying to figure this out. In the end I just thought, to hell with it. Let’s hack

Awesome WM - move window to another screen

I’m a big fan of awesome window manager on Ubuntu. Got my config on github. Just got my second monitor today and browsing the internet it took some time to find how to move a window to another screen. Be active on the window you want to move and then: modkey+o If that doesn’t work look into your rc.lua and see if you find anything mentioning movetoscreen