Right, Google I/O 2012 started of yesterday. And these are some of the views and thoughts from the first day. Read the complete post in order to see all pictures! It took a while to get to the keynote, overall a lot of standing in line has been done throughout the conference, the first day it was horrible and only two people served the hour long registration support queue.

Quite early into the keynote Android 4.1 codename Jelly Bean was announced. A hilarious point of this is all the speculations that it would be Android 5 was mentioned by Romain Guy telling us that our sources were wrong and the internet is wrong. That remark was met by laughter and cheers.

Developer pack was given out to every attendee consisting of Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), Nexus Q and Nexus 7.

Project class, uber cool. Project class was apparently demoed live with hangouts. It was also possible for US attendees to pre-order a prototype for $1500 which is a bit pricy for a prototype, but come on. How cool are they?

After Hours party was an awesome, Train performed and they were awesome. Can’t say I am a huge fan for DJs so Paul I guess was OK. People seemed to like him. More pictures to come! But for other pictures there are loads available on Google Plus since we were thousands of people using party mode with the new app.

A couple of pictures: